Hola! Hi There! Soy Florencia. Im an art buyer & photo editor that work with agencies & clients producing visual concepts. Thanks for taking a look at my some of the projects i´ve worked on. You can contact me here:
I studied journalism & multimedia in Madrid. My very first job as an intern was with an online portal with the back then -almost second internet provider in Spain- and worked between print and digital media as editor & photographer. I ended up moving to the creative agency side but still kept a journalistic aproach to whatever im doing.

Now i run Volta , which is a digital agency based on an network of handpicked amazing creatives and also colaborate with ideas and art buying with the agency independent medien design in München.

I love digital because is like magic. You have an idea and with the right coder & designer is such a bombastic experience that combines all the media

Don´t hesitate to get in touch if you have a project where you need our help. We do great work and content for alle media 🙂  Have a good day!
I am the Founder Volta.
I also work as Art Buyer @ independent medien design Agentur
(some of the things i do at the agency: Photo Editor, Visual Consulting, Art Buying, Magazine & Editorial Development, Creative Direction, Consultancy for Publishing Houses & Editorial, Conception, Photo & Film Productions)

Some Awards won for projects I´ve worked on:

German Design Awards Nominierung für „Excellent Communication Design“ *
BCP Best of Corporate Publishing Wettbewerb Urban DNA Magazine (Silber)
Living Energy (Gold for Digital Media)
ASTRID AWARDS NY (Bronze) for Urban DNA Magazine

BCP Best of Corporate Publishing Wettbewerb *
BCP: Gold für das Magazin «Living Energy» von Siemens AG *
3 x Silber für Best Crossmedia Solutions, den Film «Omans Power People» sowie die CP Excellence Reportage «Caucasus Crossroads» von «Living Energy». *

Pearl Awards
Gold bei den Pearl Awards in New York für das Magazin «Living Energy» von Siemens. *

BCP Best of Corporate Publishing Wettbewerb
2 x Silber am BCP für das Magazin Living Energy von Siemens *

Digital Communication Award
Best Web Magazine for /Answers **

BCP Best of Corporate Publishing Wettbewerb- Silber für Living Energy *

Culturex Fellowship Haus der Kunst München

* with independent medien design Agentur München
**with independent medien design Agentur München, Publicis & Virtual Identity

Worked with and for/ Clients & friends:

Adidas Originals, Haus der Kunst München, VICE Magazine, Kaleidoscope Magazine Milano , Fundación Caja Duero, Emi Music Spain, Madrid Fashion Week, Biografica, Moser Verlag, Myspace.com, Caritas, La Fábrica, Super Bock, Siemens, Instituto Cervantes, Ateneo de Madrid, Roberto Torretta, Wrangler, Porsche Design, Kunstverein München, Austrian Embassy Madrid, Mushroom Pillow Records, Independent medien design, PS Art Space Vienna, Galerie Stephanie Bender, Detlef Schneider Photography, Neo2, Viajeros Magazine, Sleek Magazine, El Mundo, Calle20 Magazine, lamono barcelona, American Express, Vueling, Converse, Springfield, Credit Suisse, Gräfe und Unzer Verlag.

Countries were I have developed projects:
Germany, Malasya, Spain, U.S.A, Egypt, Thailand, Filipines, China, France, Cameroon, Denmark, Russia, India, Israel, Dubai, Mozambique, Brasil, Argentina, Norway, U.K, Colombia, Greece, Holland, Austria, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Portugal, Mejico, Japan, Czech Republic, Sweden, Oman, Ireland, South Africa, etc.

between München, Germany & Spain.

“Is not only about what you communicate but how you do it and how it looks like. The chosen format to do it will also depend of the strategy you plan for every specific project. I love new media and all the communicational possibilities and actions that Internet enhances”.